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Perfect Privacy ei ehkä ole kaikkein tunnetuin VPN-tarjoaja, mutta sen 42 palvelinta ympäri maailmaa ja Rajoittamaton laitetta käyttöoikeutta kohden tekevät siitä harkinnan arvoisen. Perfect Privacy on sijalla 3.0 hinnoittelullaan, jossa lähtöhinta on €8.95/kuukausi

Jun 26, 2019
Perfect Privacy Käyttäjäarvostelut
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Outstanding vpn for security

I have tried and used other popular vpn's but find that Perfect Privacy seems to work the best when it comes to security and also has a more professional feel to it compared to others. Its worth the little bit of extra money i paid for it.

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    Perfect VPN

    This is a real VPN Provider!! They take care about your privacy!! Yes, it is NOT Cheap but you GET what you PAY for!!! So when i compare to other VPN Provider they really have Privacy. And yes, if you lose your Password there is no recovery because they don't know your account because IT IS Anonymous!! Think about this when you choose another VPN Provider ;)

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      The Best VPN out there. Period <3

      I've worked with MANY VPNs over the years, after 2+ years of perfect privacy, they are simply put: "THE Best". From their speeds and minimal latency, which are amazing for gaming and voip calls - to their very thorough VPN client which covers ALL the desired needs (including a permanently on firewall* that works very well even before boot), to cascading, to gigabit servers.. If you're looking for a truly stable VPN that performs well in every aspect and feels and acts seamlessly, Perfect-Privacy is the VPN of choice. It's 17USD per month and I gladly will pay 56 cents per day for the amazing performance and gigantic speeds and privacy. Their servers run in RamDisk Mode which ensures your privacy (meaning none of the data is actually stored on the machine, somewhat like a virtual box held in ram). These guys have always offered me quick responses to email tickets if I have a question. Unless it's a frustrated noobie who can't understand why they're using a VPN in the first place, this one is a huge green light for anyone who knows what they're doing. Express VPN (in my experienced opinion) is tapped, overloaded, random high-latency, and is for novice users who do not have experience. Perfect-Privacy delivers. They are feature-full and offer everything you would need and want as an advanced user. Port forwarding, gigabit servers, multiple encryption algorithms. It feels like you're not even on the VPN 24/7, and that's a good sign and adds peace of mind at all times. If you're reading this Perfect Privacy, I freakin' love you guys. Truly the BEST!! 2+ years and for life.

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        Katso 3 parasta vaihtoehtoista VPN:ää
        Ominaisuudet Yksityiskohdat
        Palvelinsijaintien määrä (valtioissa) 23
        Palvelinten määrä 42
        IP-osoitteiden määrä 479
        Säilyttääkö VPN lokeja? Ei
        Sisältyykö VPN:ään kill switch? Kyllä
        Tilausta kohden sallittujen laitteiden määrä Rajoittamaton
        Hinnoittelu 3.0 / 5.0
        24 Month
        €8.95 /kuukausi
        12 Month
        €9.99 /kuukausi
        6 Months
        Yksityiskohtainen asiantuntija arvostelu
        Guy Fawkes
        (Anonyymit kyberturvallisuuden asiantuntijat)

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        Rahanpalautustakuu (päiviä): 7
        Tilausta kohden sallittujen laitteiden määrä: Rajoittamaton
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